“After Auschwitz” Film Screenings

We are excited to partner with film director Jon Kean on upcoming screenings of After Auschwitz!

Poster for After Auschwitz filmMay 4 – 10, 2018
AMC Van Ness
1000 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco

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After Auschwitz is a “Post-Holocaust” documentary that follows six extraordinary women after their liberation from Nazi concentration camps, capturing what it means to move from tragedy and trauma towards life. Filmmaker Jon Kean examines the question, “What happens after surviving an unspeakable horror?” with the stories of these remarkable women who survived the Holocaust and went on to build lives in the United States, but never truly found a place to call home.

For survivors of the Holocaust, liberation was both an incredible moment and a devastating one. It marked the beginning of a life-long struggle. Most wanted to go home, but there was no home left in devastated post-war Europe. Many came to America and wanted to tell people about their experiences, but were silenced. “You’re in America now, put it behind you” is what they were told. The women Kean follows became mothers and wives with successful careers, but never fully healed from the scars of the past.

Their stories show the indelible role immigrants and women played in the history of America during the second half of the 20th century, and they serve as our guides on an unbelievable journey – sometimes celebratory, sometimes heart-breaking, but always inspiring.

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