“From Generation to Generation” at the CJM

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration between the JFCS Holocaust Center and The Contemporary Jewish Museum, inspired by the new exhibition From Generation to Generation.

From Generation to Generation at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

From Generation to Generation examines memory, sometimes personal, but more often collective or historic, through the lens of art. The artists invite us into their worlds, urging us to make connections between past and present, to consider the malleability of history and memory, and to reflect on how and why certain memories are handed down from generation to generation.This group of twenty four artworks, created by artists from around the world, are in conversation with one another in the gallery– a conversation that crosses the lines of nation, culture, and religion. It’s easy to walk through and see what these artists and artworks have in common–overcoming trauma, surviving war, fighting for justice, and that we all, no matter where we come from, have memories that have been handed down to us.

Through these personal, human, memory-based reflections on history, we as viewers are able to develop empathy and new understandings of the time periods on which they reflect. We need more empathy, understanding, and dialogue in today’s world. Yet more importantly, the exhibition implies that we also have an obligation when we inherit someone’s memories. What do we do with these stories from the past, and how will we use them to guide our way to the future?


From Generation to Generation

“From Generation to Generation: Inherited Memory and Contemporary Art,” on view at The Contemporary Jewish Museum Nov 25, 2016–Apr 2, 2017, presents work by twenty-four artists who grapple with memories that are not their own. There are many forms of memory: memories we have experienced, memories we have heard as family stories and from popular culture, even memories from an imagined future. Through their work, the artists in this exhibition search, question, and reflect on the representation of truths related to ancestral and collective memory—ultimately attempting to make sense of their own past.  Learn More >


Special Opportunity: Tours + Survivor Talks

Six special opportunities to hear firsthand accounts of Holocaust survivors, in conjunction with a tour of From Generation to Generation. Tours + Survivor Talks are a 2.5 hour experience and are available on select dates only. Presented in conjunction with the JFCS Holocaust Center. For more information, contact The Contemporary Jewish Museum at [email protected] or 415-655-7857. Book a Tour >



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