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Holocaust Center Events

As part of our mission to ensure that future generations understand the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides—and that they impart them to their children—the JFCS Holocaust Center offers educational programs for parents, teachers, students, and others in the community who are interested in learning about this significant part of history. You will find our upcoming programs below. Unless noted otherwise, all programs are free.

Corpses of the Holocaust: a New Approach to the Destruction and its Aftermath with Jean-Marc Dreyfus

Thu., Nov. 15, 2018
3:30 – 5:30 pm
San Francisco State University, Humanities Bldg 587
1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco

Join us for the third event in the “Holocaust Across the Disciplines” lecture series. Learn more about the lecture series >

Holocaust Memory in Poland: Attitudes, Studies, Politics, and More

Thu., Nov. 29, 2018
5:30 pm
Flora Lamson Hewlett Library Building
2400 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA

Different historical narratives and collective memories linked to the post-WWII constructions of national identity still divide Western and Central-Eastern Europe. The history of the Holocaust still waits for contextual approaches, particularly when we face abuses of Holocaust memory. In this presentation, Dr. Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs argues that a “politics of pride” – replacing the former “politics of shame” – is connected to intergenerational transmission of long-lasting denial of facts in Polish national histories.  Learn More >

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