Local Artist Creates Piece to Benefit JFCS Holocaust Center

Local San Francisco artist Aimee Golant has just unveiled one of her newest pieces, the Shoah Aliyah placeholder. We are grateful that Aimee has chosen to donate 10% of the proceeds from this piece to the JFCS Holocaust Center.

Shoah Aliyah Placeholder by Aimee GolantThe shape of this Torah placeholder is reminiscent of the yellow Star of David badge which many Jews were forced to wear on their clothing in Nazi-occupied Europe. The shape in the center of the star is the Hebrew letter shin, which stands for Shoah, or Holocaust. A layer of gripping rubber helps hold the piece in place on the slanted table or “bimah” that the Torah rests on. Learn More >

About the artist:

Aimee Golant is an interfaith advocate, a sixth generation metal artist, and a granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, originally from Los Angeles, California. Upon her graduation from San Francisco State University, she began her career as a metal artist creating Judaica and jewelry.

Posted by Admin on June 14, 2018

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