The Next Chapter Featured in The Mercury News

The JFCS Holocaust Center’s Next Chapter program was recently featured in The Mercury News! Read the article >

The Next Chapter enables high school youth to develop profound connections with Holocaust survivors. By participating in the program, students build a special community of social responsibility and genocide awareness and are awarded 40 hours of community service.


Next Chapter student Samantha with Holocaust survivor DeniseIn the article, program alumna Samantha shared about her experience meeting with a local Holocaust survivor, Denise.

“‘My mom always told me that the opportunity to talk with a Holocaust survivor and hear their story is a special one as it becomes more and more rare,’ Alvarez said. “It has become almost unheard of.’

“Alvarez’s great-grandparents immigrated to the United States before World War II from near the Austria-Germany border. So it meant a lot to Alvarez to learn of the time period through Elbert’s first-person account.

‘It’s an invaluable way to connect with our history,”’ Alvarez said. ‘I’m a huge advocate for the program.'”

As part of The Next Chapter, students write a narrative essay about their survivor’s story. Read Samantha’s essay >


Posted by Admin on January 13, 2017

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