Amazing Poems from Adele Harrison Middle School

The JFCS Holocaust Center was honored to have the students from Adele Harrison Middle School in Sonoma join us for the BAY AREA BIG READ! Upon careful reflection after reading The Children of Willesden Lane, the students at Adele Harrison Middle School wrote incredible poems. The following poems are just a few examples of the students’ great work:

“I Am” Poems

I am from piano keys
from Victrola strings and ivory.
I am from the cobblestone streets.

I am from the snow, the fields.
from piano lessons
and train rides.

Lisa and Sonja Jura, 1938

Lisa and Sonja Jura, 1938

I am from lace and red hair,
from Malka and Rosie and Sonia.
I am from the blessed hearts
and generous offerings,
from perseverance
and strength.

I am from Hanukkah
from Franzenbrückenstrasse
from Sabbath candles
from broken glass.

I’m from Vienna,
apfelstrudel and fresh bread.
I am from makeovers from Rosie.
From blue eyelids and red lips.

I am from lessons with Momma.
From talks with Papa.

I am from 13 Franzenbrückenstrasse
From picture frames and silk sheets
From worn keys.
From train rides and Nazi guards
From the porcelain tailor
From drifting symphonies.

I am from the piano,
Where music flows
from the movement of my fingers

Lisa Jura, age 17

I am from the hostel,
Where kids run and leap
hoping that one day
they will see their parents again.

I am Jewish,
Running and hiding.
Hoping and surviving.

I am from Vienna and London,
Working and playing the piano
until my fingers bleed.

From love,
and hate.

I am from Willesden Lane,
Where friendships are formed
families are made
and communities are built.

I am,
Lisa Jura

Posted by Admin on November 23, 2016

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