2024 Manovill Seminar Application

This application is for the Manovill Seminar, a 10 session hybrid program (January – May) open to 9-12 graders in the Greater Bay Area. The program is aimed at increasing awareness about the patterns of genocide through learning about the history of the Holocaust and Cambodian genocide and investigating the ties between racism and antisemitism. The program incorporates survivor testimony, discussion, primary sources, and archival materials from the Tauber Holocaust Library & Archives, culminating with a student-driven project to investigate and apply the themes learned further.
Students (9-11 grade) who attend all sessions and show exemplary work in the final project will be invited to apply for the Manovill Research Fellowship to continue their work in the fall of 2024.

Learn more about the JFCS Holocaust Center and our Manovill Programs here.

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