Student and Educator Workshops

Our workshops, taught by leaders in Holocaust and genocide education, offer comprehensive learning experiences and can be enhanced with powerful testimony sessions from the William J. Lowenberg Speakers Bureau. This group comprises Holocaust survivors, their descendants, and survivors of other genocides, who passionately share their personal stories with students and groups worldwide.

Student Workshops

All workshops below can be tailored to fit 50-90 minute class periods. Examples of workshops:

  • Antisemitism: A Story Through Passports
  • Hidden Children & The Holocaust
  • Stages of Genocide: The Holocaust as a Case Study
  • The Intersection Between Genocide and Indigenous History

Educator Workshops

All workshops below can be tailored to be 60-120 minutes in length, and come with accompanying resources and/or standards aligned lesson plans. Examples of workshops:

  • Contemporary Antisemitism: Understanding & Identifying Hate
  • Paths of Introduction: Introduce and Engage Students on the Holocaust and Jewish History
  • Racism and Antisemitism in WWII: The Holocaust and California
  • Rywka’s Diary: The Writings of a Jewish Girl from the Lodz Ghetto

Upcoming Educator Workshops:


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