3gSF is a forum based in the Bay Area for grandchildren of Holocaust survivors (3Gs) to meet, connect and explore our shared history.

The mission of 3gSF is to serve as a living link between the history of the Holocaust and today. A program of the JFCS Holocaust Center, 3gSF uses their personal connection to the Holocaust to inspire understanding, moral courage and social responsibility.  Our goal is building a community of Jewish young adults to connect and engage in our common family histories.

Past events include:

  • 3gSF Conversations: One of 3gSF’s largest events of the year, this evening included a catered kosher dinner and a discussion with Gloria, a  local survivor, in conversation with a member of the leadership team.
  • Contemporary Jewish Museum: 3gSF toured “From Generation to Generation: Inherited Memory and Contemporary Art” at the CJM and explored the connection between the art of the exhibition and their shared history.
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival: Each summer, members gather for an outing to the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. Last year members screened ‘A La Vie’, a film about three woman who met in Auschwitz reuniting for a holiday weekend.
  • Café by the Bay Chanukah Party: 3gSF joined the volunteer team for the annual JFCS Café by the Bay Chanukah party for Bay Area survivors. Members of 3g helped with serving, singing, and schmoozed with survivors.
  • Exploration of Transgenerational Trauma: An introductory look at the psychological effects of the Holocaust on the 3rd generation, this meeting presented an opportunity to explore how trauma is experienced, processed, and passed on.

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Funding for this initiative is supported by the Mitzi and Adolf Wilner Memorial Fund.