Teacher Resource Center

The Holocaust Center’s Teacher Resource Center includes over 500 books, films, and other educational materials. This special collection provides teachers and students with the opportunity to check out materials and work at their convenience.

The Teacher Resource Center includes books on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Historical overview of the Holocaust
  • Social history of Nazi Germany
  • Partisan groups and Resistance
  • Holocaust literature
  • History of concentration camps
  • Nazi medicine and racial hygiene

Additional materials in the Teacher Resource Center include:

  • Curriculum developed by the Holocaust Center on various topics related to the Holocaust and patterns of genocide
  • Class sets of The Children of Willesden Lane and a teaching guide
  • Curricula for Rywka’s Diary, including materials for use in religious schools
  • Films, including Hollywood blockbusters and independent documentaries

For more information about the Teacher Resource Center, contact Andrea Struve, Director of Education, at [email protected]

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