Next Generation Speakers Bureau Training Program

The Holocaust Center launched the Next Generation Speakers Bureau (NGSB) training program in 2018 to guarantee that storytelling remains a hallmark of Holocaust education long after survivors are no longer around to meet with and inspire students. The NGSB empowers the family members of Holocaust survivors to speak about their family’s history of the Holocaust and in so doing continue the legacy of Holocaust education through personal connection to the genocide.

Upon successful completion of a rigorous and engaging training program, the speakers join the William J. Lowenberg Speakers Bureau. As members of the Speakers Bureau, they teach students and adults in classrooms, religious institutions, and community venues about the Holocaust through the lens of their relatives and their personal connection to the genocide.

We are seeking individuals who have a passion to share their family Holocaust story, have a good grasp of that narrative, and are comfortable speaking to large groups, particularly middle school and high school students. We hope to foster a variety of Holocaust narratives—for example, Kindertransport survivors, refugees, camp survivors, etc.—and as we develop this program, we will seek out geographically and historically diverse narratives. Given the great interest in volunteering for this program, we are unable to accept all those who apply at this time.


The application period for the Next Generation Speakers Bureau is now closed. To request an application for next year’s program, please complete our inquiry form and a staff person will be in touch when the application period reopens.

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