Pete Schlieker has been a life-long learner, having taught himself to read in kindergarten. After high school graduation, Pete went to college in Walnut, California to get an AA degree in Political Science. Pete opted to change his major to a FIRE degree (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate). He left school to get married and raise three kids before returning back to school. While working in the cable industry as a General Manager, Pete worked with the Mammoth Unified School District superintendent on a cable industry sponsored program, Cable in the Classroom. The superintendent suggested that Pete  become a teacher. Pete went back and got his teaching credential and has been teaching for 24 years at Big Pine High School. His interest has always been history. Pete exposes his students to multiple perspectives in history and encourages them to use critical thinking to build a deep understanding of historical issues in order to prevent history from being repeated in the future. His work with genocide studies and experiential education was recently featured in an article through The J.