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Library Holdings
The Tauber Holocaust Library collects books dealing with every aspect of the Holocaust, and makes them available for use on the premises by students, ...
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Library Catalog
To access the library catalog, please use our advanced search tool....
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Archival Collections List
A list of primary research documents from 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s....
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Online Finding Aids
A helpful list of resources on the web to research documents of families that lived during the Holocaust....
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Photographic Collections
A comprehensive list of the Tauber Holocaust Library's collection of photographs of the Holocaust....
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Yizkor Books

Yizkor Books
Created by Holocaust survivors in memorial to the Jewish communities across Europe destroyed by the Shoah, Yizkor books try to capture a community des...
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Yizkor Book List
Tauber Holocaust Library owns over 500 Yizkor Books, the fifth largest collection in the world. The Tauber Holocaust Library has created an online lis...
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Exodus: Flight from Nazi Germany
This exhibit traces the path of German and Austrian Jews as they fled Nazi Germany in 1938 looking for safety and shelter. ...
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Letters: 1938-1946
Each letter is just one small part of a true story of real men, women and children trapped by dangerous events in a terrible time. The love, anguish, ...
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Stop Them Now: Pamphlets of the Holocaust Era
Stop Them Now: Pamphlets of the Holocaust Era...
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The Tauber Holocaust Library and Archives houses more than 13,000 volumes, an archive of more than 2,000 recorded oral histories, and many rare artifacts, memorabilia, and images documenting the Holocaust.

The Tauber Holocaust Library and Archives is a university-level collection in San Francisco covering every aspect of the Holocaust and patterns of genocide. The library and archives are open by appointment only. To submit a research query or inquire about the JFCS Holocaust Center collections, please call 415-449-3717 or email [email protected].

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