Resources for Genocide Awareness Month

Why is April Genocide Awareness Month?

April is recognized as Genocide Awareness Month due to the occurrence of numerous significant dates in the history of genocide within this month. During this month, we commemorate four genocides, raise awareness about all genocide, and explore how to recognize and interrupt the patterns.

We Remember – Important Historical Occurrences in April

  • The Armenian Genocide (1915)
  • The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943)
  • Anniversary of the Fall of Phnom Penh and Memorial for the Cambodian Genocide (1975)
  • The Genocide Against the Tutsi in Rwanda begins (1994)

The JFCS Educator Leadership Council

JFCS’ Educator Leadership Council (ELC) is comprised of twenty California teachers skilled in Holocaust education, genocide studies, and human rights. They advise on curriculum development and professional training for the JFCS Holocaust Center and the California Teachers Collaborative, and play a vital role in fulfilling our mission of remembrance, research, documentation, and education.

As part of Genocide Awareness Month, five ELC members have shared resources and activities to help other educators inspire young people to stand up to hate.

Five Resources and Activities from the Educator Leadership Council

  1. Consider reading White Bird with sixth graders, especially if they are drawn to graphic novels.

  2. Engage students through powerful testimonies by creating one-page flyers linked to survivor testimonies on iwitness with the USC Shoah Foundation.

  3. Reflect on the concept of the “universe of obligation” and explore it with resources from Facing History and Ourselves. Consider using the short film Pigeon to deepen understanding.

  4. Explore media literacy with students to help them critically analyze social media and identify propaganda, mis- and dis-information, utilizing resources such as those found on iwitness with the USC Shoah Foundation.

  5. Teach students about China’s perpetration of the genocide of the Uyghurs, especially if they frequently shop online through Shein, using resources from the Uyghur Genocide Online Resource Center.

Meet our 2023 – 2024 Educator Leadership Council

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