Morgan has been an instrumental leader in the development and success of the JFCS Holocaust Center in San Francisco since 2005. As Director, she leads a team that inspires students, teachers, and individuals annually to be socially responsible and morally courageous citizens. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Clark University (2002) in history, with a concentration in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, she went to Deakin University in Australia where she focused her MA thesis on the forced removal of Aboriginal children as a case of genocide. A staunch advocate for innovative and interactive Holocaust education, Morgan has published articles and appeared in the press on topics such as the patterns of genocide, best practices for teaching the Holocaust, and the future of Holocaust education in the post-survivor era. Morgan is deeply invested in the California education system. She often serves as an advisor to school districts, California legislators, and civic leaders on Holocaust and genocide education, confronting antisemitism, and best practices for teaching the Holocaust. She is currently on the advisory board of the Genocide Education Project.