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Manovill Seminar

The Manovill Seminar program is an opportunity for high school students (grades 9 – 12) to investigate the ties between racism and antisemitism and increase their awareness of the patterns of genocide. This 3 month long seminar focuses specifically on the history of the Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide.

Students engage in discussion, hear survivor testimony, and explore items in the Tauber Archives. The program culminates with a student-driven project to locate real-world application of themes learned during the seminar.

Participating students in grades 9 through 11 may be invited to continue their work after the Manovill Seminar with a Manovill Research Fellowship.

Applications are now open!
Deadline to apply is December 12th.

If you are a current high school student, request an application here.
If you are an educator, click here to request an application for a student.
If you are the parent or guardian of a high school student, request an application here.

To receive more information, please email [email protected].

The program is designed as a hybrid model, meeting in person for some sessions and online for others. It meets mostly on Tuesday evenings from 5-7 PM. The following are the program dates: 

Family Orientation: Tuesday, 1/24 from 6-7 PM
Session 1: Tuesday, 1/31 from 5-7 PM
Session 2: Tuesday, 2/7 from 5-7 PM
Session 3: Tuesday, 2/14 from 5-7 PM
Session 4: Tuesday, 2/21 from 5-7 PM
Session 5: Tuesday, 2/28 from 5-7 PM
Session 6: Tuesday, 3/7 from 5-7PM
Session 7: Tuesday, 3/14 from 5-7 PM
Session 8: Tuesday, 3/28 from 5-7 PM
Session 9: Monday, 4/17 from 6-8:30 PM* 
Session 10: Sunday, 4/30 from 3-5 PM

* Timing for this session may change as it is connected to the JFCS Holocaust Center’s Yom HaShoah Public Programming.

Manovill Research Fellowship

Through this invitation-only fellowship, each student dives deep into a topic of their choosing on the Holocaust or genocide, learns research, writing, and presentation skills, and furthers their knowledge on the patterns of genocide by reviewing modern events and genocides. Students in this program will choose a topic to investigate deeper, complete a thesis (8 – 10 pages), read a memoir, and present their learnings to the broader community on that topic while investigating modern events that fall under the umbrella of patterns of genocide.


The Manovill Programs are named in memory of Lilly Manovill z’l, who courageously helped fellow Jews from the Budapest ghetto escape and survive. The program is generously underwritten by the Lilly Manovill Endrei Education Fund at JFCS.

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