Accolades for The Bay Area BIG READ

Sonoma County students learn about bigotry, hatred through a Holocaust lens
The Press Democrat, December 20, 2016

“’In terms of the timing, it just really worked out,’ said Kate McGerity a teacher at Rancho Cotate who taught the program to her 10th-grade world history students. ‘It worked as kind of a platform or a jumping off place to responding to prejudice, and the kind of hatreds we’re seeing.’” Read the article >

SF students find deep connections to Holocaust lesson
San Francisco Chronicle
, November 19, 2016

“For many students, Lisa Jura’s story of change and hardship in an unfamiliar land is not unlike their own experiences.”  Read the article >

Holocaust book resonates for teens learning English
J Weekly, November 10, 2016
“After class, some of the students reflect on the book and its meaning. ‘What this 14-year-old went through is really crazy,’ said Christian. ‘She hasn’t lost hope. American youth, we’re so used to having everything come to us quick, we can lose hope.’”  Read the article >

KCBS Radio, October 30, 2016
“You look at one person’s story and from there you can see how other people related to it.”  Listen to the story >

From Students and Teachers

“Learning about the Holocaust has never felt so personal and awe-inspiring. Thank you again for your generosity and for this memorable learning experience of the Holocaust. I enjoyed every part of this adventure.” – Student, Lowell High School, San Francisco  See more from Lowell High School >

“Thank you! My students really enjoyed your book and live performance of The Children of Willesden Lane. My students learned to appreciate family, use music to bring people together, and to face the bad with the good. A 7th grade student wrote, “Mona Golabeck’s piano playing was incredible – it could cast a shadow of darkness, light a path of hope, or simply leave you astonished of her incredible talent.” Thank you again. – Teacher, Britton Middle School

“THANK YOU ALL for an absolutely fantastic experience in person, history, and literature — these are the types of lessons that last a long time.”Teacher, Francisco Middle School, San Francisco

“[Lisa Jura] was independent and courageous, and had qualities that I wish to emulate. Thank you!” – Student, St. Anselm School

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